The content in video, audio, and text formats can be accessed with any device with wireless capabilities (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc). A single ASANKA device can support 20+ wireless devices and provides a more affordable way to deliver content. It’s a Free Information Delivery Architecture (FIDA)".

For clients who want to add or change content on their ASANKA or access remotely hard to reach ASANKA, TECHAiDE offers the ASANKA Cloud Account (ACA). This online interface allows the client to upload content from a central location to their ASANKA Cloud Account (ACA). Then the client can broadcast an SMS to remote users prompting them to download the new content and access it for free. An ACA is an extra minimal monthly charge.

Benefits of ASANKA

Cheaper Content Distribution

Faster Content Delivery

Easier Resource Accessibility

Customizable And Restrictable

Simpler Content Sharing

Different Multimedia Formats

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